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"In hope he believed against hope..." (Romans 4:18)

Nuggets of hope

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We can all do with a word of encouragement from time to time 

The aim of this site is simply to encourage; to give a word of hope! We can all do with that sometimes – I know I certainly can.

As you browse this site, you’ll find links to devotions, as well as podcasts of recent sermons preached by myself. I sincerely hope that you are able to glean some blessing from these pages.

God bless


Need a word of hope right now?

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Be Challenged

Listen to audio recordings of sermons preached by Wayne. 

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Be Inspired

Read from God's Word for yourself with this handy online Bible tool. As you go along, feel free to ask any questions. We'll be glad to answer.

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Be Encouraged

Read a short, relevant word of encouragement - a real nugget of hope - for these trying times.

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Be Inspired

Read an original, heart-felt poem to inspire you for the journey you're on.

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"What an appropriate and spirit led message Pastor Wayne. You have great gift of discernment for the right message from God to us! Blessings!"

- TW

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