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A Birthday Prayer for a Princess

Today as a family, we celebrate the birth,

Of a woman of excellence, integrity and strength

One who strives to add value to others

To share warmth and love, goes to great length.

I am a blessed man to call her my wife,

Her children blessed to call her their Mum;

Comparing her to any other’s an impossible task,

None can measure her worth, her sum.

My Darling Samantha, where do I start,

The right words find, my heart to convey;

None seems adequate, the best can’t suffice,

My thanks, thinking, thoughts to relay.

My Love, a Blessed Birthday, with many more to come

Hope, happiness, health your years ahead fill,

God, Our Father, grant you whate’er your heart longs for,

His presence, pow’r and peace in your being instil.

May you step into His purposes and plans for your life, Higher heights, deeper depths may you find;

Embracing the joy and the pleasure of tomorrow,

The past’s pain and perplexities left well behind.

A new year for you dawns, new op’tunities brings

New season, new start, a new song;

Walk through that door, God and Fam’ly by your side,

Grace-carried, Love-moved, in Christ staying strong.

I love you today, shall tomorrow even more,

A future devoid of you, to say the least, bleak;

Onward, upward, on this adventure called life,

Side by side, heart to heart, cheek to cheek.

Happy Birthday My Darling!

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