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A Birthday Reflection

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

I turned 21 yesterday!! Yeah right! Wishful thinking! We always try and make birthdays extra special in our house because the five of us really just have each other to celebrate it with (immediate family that is). The "joys" of immigration. Anyway, apart from being spoilt by my darling Samantha, Liam , Ezekiel and Nathanael, I always find myself counting my many blessings - not the material stuff, but those things that truly count. Out of that contemplation was born this reflective poem.


Another year of your mercy, Another season of Your grace; A year of favour and faithfulness, Of seeking and knowing your face.

Easy? No not always, The valley I have certainly known; But come trial, testing or challenge, In your love, I have certainly grown.

I count myself a blessed man, Not by prestige, money or wealth; But by my beautiful wife, my sons, my “clan”, By laughter, life and health.

So, thank you Papa God for this year, Memories made and experiences gained; Every smile, every tear, every feeling felt, Your loving mercies, me has sustained.

Bring on another year of growing older, Wiser, I pray comes part of the deal; With my treasures: wife and boys, We’ll venture on with You, Jesus at the wheel.

©2018 Wayne George

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