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A Gift To Me You Are

A gift to me is what you are,

A treasure rich, priceless, and rare;

I can never exchange you, for not another I’ll find,

Whose smile with radiant sunbeams can compare.

As a Mother you’re a hero to our boys,

As a Wife you’re my lover and best friend;

A love like ours is second to none,

One that will have no weary end.

You’re not one to boast, but sing your praises I will

Cos honour’s to be given where honour is due;

I thank God for gifting you to me,

For blessing me with a love that is true.

What tomorrow may bring, who knows for sure,

But one thing I pray it will afford;

The grace once more, your beauty to behold,

The seraphic sound of your voice to record.

My Sweet Samantha, my darling Sam,

The holder of my heart you are, ne’er another;

The near perfect specimen of what it means,

To be a winning Wife, a magnificent Mother.

I love you today, shall tomorrow even more,

A future devoid of you, to say the least, bleak;

Onward, upward, on this adventure called life,

Side by side, heart to heart, cheek to cheek.

(Context: I wrote this poem on Tuesday 30th July 2019 at some 36000 ft, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean enroute home after an emotionally and physically draining week. I had gone back to South Africa to bury my beloved mum. My family could not go with me. This was the first time Samantha and I have been separated for this long (over a week) and with such geographical distance between us. We usually do everything together. It also meant that Samantha had to take on the role of ’single mum’ to two EXTREMELY busy boys over the past 10 days. It made me realise afresh how blest I am to have such a loving wife and hence the inspiration for this writing.

Picture circa 2013).

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