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A Motherless Mother’s Day

Nobody told us this day, last year, That Mothers Day would be your last; No one said that buying you gifts Would soon be a thing of the past. Mamma, all we have to hold onto this year Are mem’ries precious and dear; All that we call to remembrance, Either bring a smile, or cause a tear. You are not at the other end of the line, No smiling face on any gadget’s screen; This Mothers Day, silence, stillness prevails, Where your life-filled laughter once had been. But- despite the hollow, there’s happiness, Despite the chasm, a crack of cheer; ‘Cos right now, no better place you could be, With your Saviour, Soul-lover e’er near. Sure it’d be good, O so good, To hear your voice, see your smile once more; But I know this Mother’s Day, Mother dear, You have all that you’ve ever wished for. Missings you? Yes! Longing for you? Sure! But nothing in me will wish you back; Cos’ I know you’re Home, truly Home, At rest e’ermore, nothing more you lack. Today, a motherless Mother’s Day for me, Next year and ev’ry subsequent the same; In my heart nothing changes, always you abide, My dear Mamma, Mommy, Mum, you remain.

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