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A Prayer for the Day

Living Water, I come to You,

Perceive my desert dryness and dearth; Pour out on me your refreshing rain, Welcome water to a sun-scorched earth.

Bread of Life, feed once more, Satisfy this malnourished soul; Strengthen these bones that are growing weak, This sin-sick spirit that wants to be whole.

Good Shepherd, guide, provide and protect, Me from harm continue to keep; Your lamb I am, your cherished one indeed, This day take care of your sheep.

You, Who are the Door, do open the door, Reveal where to go, what to do; Close those ones that for this season are not, Show me those that I am to walk through.

Dearest Resurrection and Life, that You are, Breathe, Breath of Life, once more; Bring to life the dead areas in my world, Dead dreams, hollow hopes restore.

These things I pray, All-Sufficient One, As this new day, I enter, navigate; I desire you, need you, for without you, All will be desperate and desolate.


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