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“All I Want For Christmas is…JOY” (Luke 2:9-11)

In his younger years, C.S. Lewis was an atheist. Part of  his thinking was that if  he

surrendered his life to God he would lose his freedom & have nothing left to enjoy. He thought there could not possibly be any connection between all this “Jesus stuff” & joy.  Well, he soon discovered the contrary. When he put his trust in Jesus, as a 31 year old Oxford University Professor, he found the source of joy. He discovered, to his surprise, that joy was not to be found in a place or in things (like money, or pleasure, or success, or fame) but it was to be found in a Person, & that Person was Jesus Christ. That, Dear Friends, is the Christmas message of Joy! Listen along as we explore this subject of “joy” together. Listen HERE .

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