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An Ode To The Mother of my Children

My Darling Wife on this special day,

We celebrate the woman you are;

A Woman of valour, a Wife of great worth,

A Mother who’s a blessing near and far.

Your Sons rise up and call you blessed,

Your Husband your accolades sings;

Thanks to God for blessing us with you,

Praise to Him for all your presence brings.

In our home your hats are manifold,

Cook, Carer and Teacher, the list goes on;

The greatest role however, amidst all others;

Is the one you serve as Mom.

Thanks, my Love, for the qualities you model,

For the Faith and Faithfulness you live out;

Your trust in God through the highs and lows;

Solicitude for others is what you’re about.

Your best is always given for your children,

For your family, nothing less than your all;

Be assured that nothing goes unnoticed,

Your Children, Hubby and Heaven will always recall.

On this Mother’s Day, we pray that you know,

That you’re a gift to us from above;

Today may you feel what we offer,

Unabated, unrelenting appreciation and love!


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