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Another Year of Marvellous Memories(Happy Anniversary, my Love)

Happy Anniversary Sweet Samantha

Thanks for being the wife that you are,

And Mum to our sons, second to none;

If I lived my life a million times o'er,

A million times, you’d be the one!

I love you today, tomorrow even more,

Assured it will grow with each passing year;

Cos with you, I feel anything can be achieved,

No mountain too high, as long as you’re near.

Our wedding day, was a winning day,

I acquired the keys to your heart;

Of a world of princes , you chose me as the one,

The one with whom a new future you’d start.

Happy Annivers’ry my Sweetheart,

Thanks for being my princess, my queen;

As we step into the future, forward, forever,

Hand in hand, side by side, our love evergreen.

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