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Birthday Ode To Mamma!

Dearest Mamma, Mamma dear

Words can never relay,

To sum up the essence of who you are

Goes beyond what I’m able to say;

Thanks seems so inadequate,

For all that you’ve done for me over the years;

For the words of comfort, care and courage,

For both the overt and covert tears.

There were many times you went with less,

So that I could have a bit more;

Many sacrifices made, often unknown,

So that I more blessings could “score”.

Now the road ahead is shorter than behind,

This season brings its fair share of pain;

Yet through it all, I picture your smile,

Your courage surfacing again and again.

Dearest Mamma, Mamma Dear,

On this your birthday may you be blest;

May you know the presence of Jesus,

Through every trial, temptation and test.

May you taste of His faithful friendship,

Where many others seem to fail;

May you know his unending love,

His strength and grace when feeling frail.

May this day for you be a good one,

Pain and discomfort forgotten for today;

As you reflect on the Father’s grace in your life,

His peace that has come to stay.

We are separated by distance,

Oceans and lands apart;

But Dearest Mamma, Mamma Dear,

You are ever in my mind and heart.

Happy Birthday Mamma!

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