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Bring the Fire Back to Life

6 For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands (2 Timothy 1:6). 📷

Here we find the Apostle Paul writing an encouragement to his friend; his son in the faith – Timothy. From what we know about Timothy, he was a gifted servant of God. It seems he was really on fire for God. But here Paul says “rekindle” the fire…fan into flame the gift of God…bring the fire back to life! It seems Paul was aware that somehow, something had caused young Timothy’s fire to burn low.

I wonder, this morning, how many reading this can identify with Timothy. All of us have God-given talents, gifts and abilities that can be used to edify the body of Christ. There may have been seasons when you were really on the burn; using your gifts to shine brightly for Jesus. Just like one briquette in a Weber BBQ affects the others around it, and spreads the fire, your passion for Christ may have once upon a time, affected those around you for the good.

However, circumstances came along that closed the “vents” so to speak: perhaps the voices of discouragement; disappointment, etc. Maybe it’s fear; fear of what others may think. Perhaps it’s a low self-esteem – “my little gift cannot make much of a difference”. You may not even know how it happened, but that which you enjoyed using for God’s glory; that which was once on fire, seems to have gone cold, seems to have died. All that is left of what was once a blazing inferno, are glowing embers.

Friend, can I take a moment this morning to encourage you to rekindle the fire. Bring the fire back to life.

Could I ask where you are at today? Could I ask where your gift is at?

–      Your gift of faith firstly. Your relationship with Christ. Is it in a healthy state? Is it still burning strong, or has it dwindled? Has it faded?

–      What about your gift that God has given you to build up the body of Christ? Have you been using it to affect and impact others around you in a positive way, or have you perhaps allowed it for various reasons to fall by the wayside. The vent has been closed; the fire is gone.

I’m not asking this to make you feel guilty. We’ve all been there at some stage or another. However, what I am suggesting this morning, dear friend, is that those vents, cutting of the flow of God’s Spirit (Spirit = pneuma = air, wind, breath) have been closed for long enough. It’s time this morning for those gifts to be surrendered to the life-giving breath of God. Allow the Spirit of God to renew, refresh, and revive that which has died.

You are a valuable member of the body of Christ. Your gift is needed by those inside and outside of the Church.

Friends may we hear these final words of the Apostle Paul to Timothy loudly and clearly, and more importantly from the heart of Father God to yours. If for whatever reason you have chosen to bury or suppress your God-given gifts; where the devil has stifled what God has given you; child of God may you, by God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s enablement, arise and fan into flame, those gifts once again.

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