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Dad, I Salute You!

Dad I salute you, in honour I stand,

A man among men, you excel;

Where others may have fallen, you stood firm,

Where others have stumbled, you ran well.

Dad, if I can be just half the man you are,

Possess a fraction of your patience and care;

Then, no doubt I’d be a sterling example,

Of faithfulness, fortitude, true and fair.

Your unwavering faithfulness as a husband,

Shone brightest when it counted most;

When mom needed a pillar, a prop in her pain,

You were a pylon, of which few wives can boast.

I know you’ll downplay your strengths,

Not wanting to appear arrogant or proud;

But Dad, you need not self-proclaim,

These speak for themselves lavishly loud.

I thank you for taking such good care of mom,

For shov’ling your own needs selflessly aside;

Without a verb'lised mumble, a murmur, a moan,

You lovingly endeavoured for her every need to provide.

With mom laid to rest a new season begins,

One of adaptation, amendment and change;

Easy? No. But, Dad, I know you’ll get through,

As the tears for laughter o’er time you’ll exchange.

Indeed, Dad I salute you, in honour I stand,

I’ll ever praise God for the gift you are;

I know if your sons attain a fraction of your traits,

We’d have exceeded many others by far.

© 2019 Wayne L. George

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