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DEPRESSION Does NOT Have The Final Say! (A reflective poem)

Depression is a merciless killer,

Annihilator of ambition, destroyer of dreams;

It leaves a vacuum where vigour once was,

The fire of passion ever extinguished it seems.

Depression is a ruthless robber,

It steals one’s sanity, serenity, one’s smile;

It preys on one’s fears, bullies one’s beliefs,

Rapes, ravages hope’s remnant for a while.

Depression is a pain-inflicter,

Its dagger digs deep; scathing sickle strikes sore;

It wrenches at the heart, grabs hold of the mind,

Leaves its indelible imprint upon the soul’s core.

We’ve considered what depression is, let’s confess what it is not;

Life-giving power lies in the tongue;

Let’s speak life where there’s death, light into the dark,

Sweetly scented speech instead of the dung.

Depression tries to dictate, direct and determine,

But it does not have the final say;

It pushes and prods, nudges and knocks,

But it does not lead the way.

I will not say “pucker up”, “get over it”, “move on”

Will not tell you, either, to “get a grip”,

I will say that you are stronger than this,

Hope, help and healing is always life’s radar’s blip.

Depression is a slavedriver, a slave-master,

Buts it’s not your master cos’ you’re no slave;

It tries to tell you you’re weak, wretched, worn-out,

But stamped across your life boldly is BRAVE!

Where you find yourself today, is not the end of the road,

This is a mere pitstop, a bump along the way;

The journey continues beyond this season,

Tomorrow can be a brighter day.

I know you may not be feeling it now,

The killer, robber, pain-inflicter has had hold for so long;

But believe me when I say you will smile again,

Will overcome, come through strong.

May you find the faith to trust again,

To, against hope, in hope, believe;

That there is One greater than this great depression,

One Who stands with you, your burden to relieve.

So, don’t give up, give out nor give in;

Valiant victor is what you are;

Depression is a mere extra on the stage of your life,

That one in the mirror is the rising star!

(Copyright: Wayne George 2019)

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