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Due Time is God's Time!

Many farmers here in Australia are going through a difficult time at the moment. The lack of rain/drought is causing havoc with crops as well as with livestock.

The life of the farmer is lived out in the shadow of the seasons; to the rhythm of the weather patterns, the rain, the sunshine, the wind etc. The law of the harvest – what you reap is what you will sow – is a law that every farmer knows too well.

Of course, as much as these principles apply physically in the life of the farmer, they also play out spiritually in the life of every person, isn’t that so? We all go through different seasons in our lives: Good, bad. Highs, lows. The law of the harvest applies to us as well. We reap what we sow.

Farmers will tell us, there is a time for sowing and a time for reaping. There is a time when the ground is prepared

  • Hardened/fallow ground is broken up.

  • Weeds are removed or sprayed.

  • Compost/fertilisers are dug into the soil to supply the necessary nutrients.

  • Seeds are planted.

Once all the hard work in sowing has been done, then comes the wait for the harvest.

The question is: When will harvest come? Well, Dear Reader, the harvest will come when the time and the season is right. It will happen in DUE TIME.

There’s nothing the farmer can do about due time. Due time is not in his hands. You see, due time is God’s Time!

Between the time of planting and the time of reaping, it may appear that nothing is happening. The naked eye cannot see the germination process underway. But friend, as the season progresses, very soon that young sapling/shoot is going to crack through the soil surface! Fruit is going to be produced on those vines; the farmer can grab those baskets that have been stored away; he can go turn the engine of that harvester and get the machine out of the shed! Why? Because DUE TIME for harvest has come!

Along the timeline of life, there are seasons we go through:

- Seasons of sorrow & despair;

- Seasons of brokenness & hurt;

- Seasons where there is dryness and dearth and it seems nothing is happening.

Perhaps you can identify with that, Dear Friend! You have had better seasons. The season you are in now is not the best. It seems like nothing is happening in this season. Could I encourage you - hang in there. This season won't last forever! The Bible says: “weeping may remain for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5).

There along the same timeline of life, there are due times for harvest! Soon there will be a harvest! Due time is around the corner. Due time is God’s Time!


Lord of the seasons, the times, the hours

Lord of the Harvest, help me trust in You,

When impatient, rest in Your timing,

When uncertain, hold onto what's true.


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