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Encouragers Need Encouragement Too

Encouragers need encouraging too,

Hope-speakers, too need hope instilled;

Giving, giving, giving, gone,

Emptied, they need to be filled.

Scraping the bottom of the well,

To offer life-giving words of strength;

To inspire, aiming ever higher,

To help, going to ever greater length.

There comes a time when the well runs dry,

One needs to get to the divine Source afresh;

Though hard at times, one knows one must,

In order to renew, revive, refresh.

The sermons preached to others o’er the years,

Are scanned for nuggets of hope and life;

Words of counsel giv’n, replayed in one’s head,

Gleaning crumbs to console the strife

Who has been your encourager?

Who’s over the years your love-bucket filled?

Remember, encouragers need encouraging too,

Hope-speakers, too need hope instilled.

(Copyright 2019-Wayne George)

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