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Goodbye Has Come Too Soon

Goodbye has come way too soon, Charl,

Farewell should not be at this point in time;

Old age, senior years, one day, years to come,

Not now when life sees you in your prime.

So many memories are flooding my mind,

Of growing up, the laughter, the tears;

The joys, the jesting the joviality,

As siblings, sharing the frets and the fears.

Teasing and ‘taunting‘, I didn’t spare you,

That’s what li’l brothers are there for;

Disagreements, no doubt, there were not a few,

But of grace and forgiveness, always much more.

Your life was short, but your impact was great,

Lives touched, students formed and shaped;

Charl, till the last, you were giving of yourself,

None of your pupils your loving care escaped.

Our Heav’nly Father has had His plans,

Reasons known only to His sov’reign mind;

Today, He saw it fit to call you home,

Reasons in time us elude, in eternity to find.

Till that day, dear Charlene, dear Shasha, dear Charl,

We’ll hold onto the memories shared;

Tell Mamma we’ll be there, before too long,

Once we all Papa God’s purposes have squared.

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