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Happy Birthday, Heart Warrior

Some have to fight for survival,

From the moment they arrive on this earth;

Some have to battle to make it,

From the very minute of their birth.

That was you, our baby boy,

Called to fight from the very start;

Doctors called it Ventricular Septal Defect,

We called it a ‘Broken Heart’.

Fast forward 4 years to today,

That Hero we celebrate once more;

One who stared death eyeball to eyeball,

Who’s living out all that God has in store.

Your broken heart is broken no more,

Your “zipper” scar you wear with pride;

It shouts out how good and great your God is,

The One in Whose grace you reside.

Happy Birthday Heart Warrior, our Little Champ,

Live loud, live loved, live blessed;

May your testimony shine for all to see,

By God’s grace you’ve overcome, passed the test.

-Wayne L George

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