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Happy Birthday Shasha (Charlene)

Yesterday I received a calendar reminder,

Today’s the anniversary of your birth;

When Dad and Mom held you for the very first time,

Their first child making her presence felt on Earth.

Yesterday’s ‘ping’ of my phone,

Pointed to that day some years ago;

When this earth was blessed by a special soul,

And all were blessed who her grew to know.

Shasha, this 13th January,

The first since Jesus called you home;

We choose to remember the impact you’ve made,

The love and joy you’ve so graciously sown.

If Birthdays were celebrated in Heaven,

No doubt, today would be your very best one;

For where you are, pain and discomfort’s forgotten,

No flowing of tears, no setting of sun.

Yesterday’s notice, the painful reminder,

That today we are realms, dimensions apart;

But Dearest Shasha, Charlene, Charl,

You are ever in our minds and heart.

We loved you in life; love and miss you in death,

This world without you is not the same;

The annals of history attest: "today an Angel was born"

A special sister – Charlene was her name.

All our love...Wayne, Samantha, Liam, Ezekiel and Nathanael

Charlene and Wayne early 80's

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