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Happy 54 Years Dad&Mom

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Happy 53 Years Dad&Mom
9 July 1966

Sweethearts as children, married adults,

A lifetime of marvellous memories made;

Forever in love, love unending,

A relationship steady, unswayed.

It’s 54 years ago, that vows were exchanged,

Today, the first anniversary apart;

Separated this year, but for a while,

Not even death extinguishing the love in your heart.

Congratulations Dad, and if you can hear us, Mom,

On a race together well run;

An exemplary marriage of faithfulness and trust,

Overcoming challenges together, well done.

One day that reuniting will occur,

The circle will be unbroken again;

Till then precious memories will linger,

Lyrics of love will be your heart’s refrain.

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