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I Wonder What It Was

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Friends. Hope you are travelling ok. I stumbled across this poem which I would have put together around the mid 1990’s. I hope it is a blessing to someone out there. May you have a blessed Good Friday as you reflect on the Saviour’s love for you.)

I wonder it was 

That made my Saviour suffer on that tree;

I wonder what it was that made the thief cry:

“Lord, remember me!”

I wonder what it was,

Despite the pain He was going through;

Made Him cry: “Father, Forgive them,

For they know not what they do!”

I wonder what it was,

That made Him endure to the end and die, 

When He could have called to his rescue, 

Ten thousand angels from up on high.

LOVE! It was all because of love!

That He entered this sinful world;

Leaving His riches all above;

And because of this great love for you and me,

His face, some glorious morning,

Forevermore we’ll see. 

(C) 1994-2017 Wayne George

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