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Liam, my Buddy, my Boy, my Man

Liam, my Buddy, my Boy, my Man,

Where have the years escaped to;

A boy no longer yet my Boy always be,

Another Birthday, another year through.

Liam, my Buddy, my Boy, my Man!

Nineteen years, Birthday Blessings Son;

A lifetime ahead, the world to explore,

The road to untold adventures just begun.

Can a dad be more chuffed, or more proud,

Of a young man that before him stands;

A gentleman, a giant, a warrior of the Faith,

Growing stronger with the passing of time’s sands.

You are great, and will become greater still,

On the wings of your dreams you will soar;

With Jesus at the helm, you’ll impact the nations ,

Further, higher, deeper, more.

I am proud of the man you are becoming,

Like Daniel, stand alone if you must for the right;

Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God,

He will sustain you, uphold you with His might.

So, Happy Birthday, Liam; hold your head up high,

To fulfil God’s plans, do all that you can;

Mom and I’ll be praying for and believing in you,

Liam, our Buddy, our Boy, our Man!

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