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Lord, Teach Us To Pray!

Prayer, so needed, yet often neglected, A weapon of warfare, yet oft shelved away; The great compass-setter at each newborn dawn, Oft skipped, yet the best start to the day.

"Lord, teach us to pray" the disciples plead, That request I echo; the refrain of my heart; For Lord, I fail to call out as invited to do, Words at times elude me; ignorant of where to start.

I'll address you as Father, for that's Who you are, Loving Abba, wanting to bless, to provide; I'll lay down my burdens of sin, shame and guilt, Ask you to take the reigns, me to guide.

I'll pray for my loved ones, family and friends, Bring before you their perplexities and pain; I'll even pray for my enemies, the haters and hurters, Ask you to keep them from hurting me again.

I know it won't always come out right, I'll err in posture, position and prose; How grateful I am that to impress Him I need not, Every intent and motive He fully knows.

In my prayer life, as in every other area, God, may glorified and honoured you be; Receive my stammered, stuttered petition, Bottle the tears that accompany my plea.


©2018 - Wayne George

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