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MESSAGE FROM A MANGER #3 (Advent - Day 9)

For YOU!
“ Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah,the Lord” (Luke 2:11)

“TO YOU” - two seemingly insignificant words, but really on which this story of the incarnation hinges. Unless the shepherds could see the meaning of the message for them, it would just be another religious story, and really, religion had already written them off as unworthy outcasts.

So, I imagine these shepherds hearing the news and taking it all in, but I wonder if perhaps the words “to you” caused them to sit up and take a little extra notice. That of course is speculation, but to hear of these momentous happenings and to think that this was not just for others, but for them too – wow! What a moment.

Good news was always meant for others! They were just lowly, humble shepherds who did not amount to much in the eyes others. But Guess what that night, heaven had a different opinion!

Echoing from a box in Bethlehem via this angelic choir, they receive the message loud and clear that all that has taken place this night was not only for others but for them! They were included in the invitation!

Friends, this Advent season, someone may be reading this and feeling like this Christmas message of Good News of Great Joy – has to be for someone else. It cannot be for me!

Could I invite you a little closer to that Box in Bethlehem, to the manger where the Baby Jesus lay!

- Get a whiff of that stable air! Nothing fragrant or fancy there!

- Run your fingers over the manger, and you’ll feel the splinters. Nothing posh there.

Every single one of us are in need of God’s love. That’s why he came – not to the corridors of kings, or the palaces of princes, but to a manger meant for animals. That’s Immanuel – God with us! A down-to-earth-God! God in a box!

Of all the Christmas boxes that exchange hands this Christmas, none can offer what that feedbox of Bethlehem did – Hope, Love, Joy and Peace.

Pause and reflect:

· Place yourself in the shoes of the shepherds – how do think they would have felt being told that what was taking place was “for them”?

· How do you feel about being reminded that this awesome news is “for you”?


Thank you Jesus, Good News Giver;

That you offer love and life eternally

Most of all, thank you Jesus, Give of Life,

That this love and life is for me!

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