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“No News is Good News”

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD (Psalm 112:7).

Bible Reading: Psalm 112:1-10

Bad news! We live in an age where this seems to be the order of the day – A report of a terrorist attack in one part of the world, a story on a devastating earthquake in another. Death, atrocity, bitterness – common themes in a world that seems out of control. Pastors dig deep to try and provide a comforting answer for the bad news all around. The default response: “we live in a broken world”. Yes, that is true, but what life line can be thrown out to folk drowning in a sea of negativity. Where can our trust and hope be placed that will provide a steadfastness in the midst of the tempestuousness? Where else but the Lord, dear friend? Our hope is only as solid as the foundation upon which it is built. There is no surer foundation. We need fear no bad news; our heart can remain steadfast and true, because it is set on the One Who is steadfast and true; consistently reliable, the same yesterday, today and forever – our faithful, immutable and loving Heavenly Father.

PRAYER:  Thank you Dear Lord, that in the midst of a world that is falling apart, I can say with the hymn-writer: “On Christ the solid rock, I stand – all other ground is sinking sand!”

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