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Our Prayer For Your 80th Birthday, Dad/Pa! (Poem)

Our prayer for you, Dad, our blessing for you,

On this 80th anniversary of the day of your birth,

Is one that covers your health:body, mind, spirit,

As you continue your sojourn on Earth.

We pray not for wealth, riches nor fame,

These were ne’er your prime prior’ties nor goal;

But may the true treasures of grace, peace,joy,

Be ever-evading, frenetically flooding your soul.

We pray that you know the impact you’ve made,

In your different roles, things you did thru the years.

A different season in but the impact no less,

Fruit now borne, of seeds sown in sweat and tears.

Teacher, Preacher, Principal, Pastor,

Titles worn, offices held, duties skillfully done

But Dad, it’s in who you are, Husband, Father, Friend,

Where your true excellence has always shone.

We pray that peace will be present, prevail,

Perfect peace guard your heart and your mind,

When things don’t make sense, may it be well with your soul,

When questions are more; answers hard to find.

We pray now and always, as you have been in the past,

You’ll be carried by mercy and grace;

The companionship of Sweet Jesus, know,

Holy Spirit’s power to continue running the race.

We pray that your prayer will be answered, Dad,

That one day beyond the pains of this life below,

The family circle will once again be unbroken,

With your wife, sons and daughters, Glory to know.

Till then, remember we love you, you adore,

Though geographically far, no distance in prayer;

We look forward to the day when we see you again,

Whether down here, or in Glory over there.

Dad, Pa, we appreciate you, always have, always will,

By God’s grace strive to follow your integrious way;

Of unwavering faith, and exemplary faithfulness

In the darkest of nights, the brightest of day.

On this 80th anniversary of the day of your birth,

Our prayers ascend, may God’ s blessing come down;

Filling your cup to the brim and overflowing,

Till one day your cross lay down for a Crown.

(Copyright: W. George)

Birthday Blessings Dad, Pa!

Love Wayne, Samantha, Liam, Ezekiel, Nathanael

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