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POEM: "When it Seems"

When it seems that the darkest of life’s clouds,

Have obscured the sun’s rays from view;

When it seems that your world is falling apart,

And you’re feeling oh, so blue;

When it seems the nightingale has ceased it song,

A song once cheerful and gay;        

When it seems your skies once so azure,

Have changed to sombre skies, so grey;

When it seems that your dark tunnel,

Ends not in light as you’d like to believe;              

When it seems that not a friend is in sight,

Who somehow, your burden can relieve;

When it seems that life has no purpose,

Carrying on, seems in vain;                                 

When it seems that nobody understands,

Noone shares your tears, your pain;

When it seems that all you desire is,

To have the sunshine restored to your day,            

Just remember your Heavenly Father,

He’s only a prayer away!

(It was heartbreaking to hear again today of Christchurch, New Zealand, being rattled with earthquakes. Lives being thrown into disarray once again. One report said “Faith in the ground staying put has disappeared”(

What does one do when everything around one is falling apart. Whether it’s a natual earthquake, or an emotional, psychological or spiritual one, where everything that one is holding onto starts crumbling. Seeking to encourage or uplift at a time when words seem so empty, I came across an old poem (above) which I wrote in the early 1990’s (I was in High School a the time). I think it’s relevant for anyone going through a time of testing, where words may fail. I trust you are blessed thereby.)

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