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SERMON: Lessons Learnt at the Potter's House

No life is beyond cure. No messed up situation is beyond the healing of the Heavenly Potter.

LISTEN NOW by clicking on video link below.

Sin has played havoc with the lives of countless children of God. It has often left people broken, battered and bruised. The plan and purpose of God that seemed to be unfolding so beautifully in their lives, now seems like a distant memory. If continued on the trajectory, indeed that’s all that it will ever be, a distant memory.

But praise God, the Potter is not done with the clay. That which seems to be a messed up life, is picked up by the Master-Potter, and he reworks it.

God, the Master-Potter can pick what others have written of, and make something beautiful of it.

In this sermon, we unpack this and some of the other valuable lessons that Jeremiah learnt on his visit to the potter's house.

God bless you as you listen.

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