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Remembering 5 Years Ago

(The 18th April marks the anniversary of our Nathanael’s open heart surgery in 2016)

Five years ago we wanted to kiss your heart better;

Wished we could take away the pain.

Your unspoken worries, inexpressible fears.

Wished we could ease them again and again.

If there was a way we could’ve swapped journeys;

Your rocky one for mine

I'd take it in a heartbeat, little one

So that you can thrive and shine.

But as your parents we knew this was a road,

That you had been called to take;

One that only you could walk

With Jesus and for His Name sake

As your family we couldn’t be with you,

As surgeons did what needed to be done

But there was One Who never left your side;

Jesus walked with you, dearest son

Five years on, here you are little man,

Carried on the wings of prayer

A lifetime awaits you of encouraging others,

Cos you've already been there.

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