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Sermon: Lessons Learnt from a Thorn

This sermon was preached at Chapel Gold Coast- 16/04/2023)

It’s interesting how Paul describes this thorn/weakness in 2 Corinthians 12. He says: “I was given a torment me”. The KJV says “to buffet me”.

To BUFFET means to POUND WITH THE FISTS. In other words, this weakness/thorn that was bothering Paul was a persistent one. Like a boxer in a boxing ring, this thorn pounded him again and again and again, and just would not let up.

I think some here this morning, know exactly what Paul is talking about.

  • Time and again it seems you find yourself up against a brick wall, or backed into the corner of a fighting ring.

  • You think you’ve gotten the better of that thing which has been hammering you – that bad, sinful habit; that physical condition – whatever that thorn represents for you – you think you’ve got it sussed out... But then it comes again, lefthook, righthook, uppercut.

I wonder what Paul learns about that nagging thorn; what new perspective he gains about this thing in his life that he would much rather be doing without? One lesson, no doubt, would be that when faced with said thorns/weaknesses in our lives, we really don’t have anywhere else to go but to the Lord! Watch this video, as I unpack some further 'Lessons Learnt from a Thorn'.

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