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SERMON: “The Father’s Abiding presence” (Psalm 139)

Have you been through some dark times in 2017? Have the storms buffeted you to and fro? Do you find yourself currently in a valley of testing? Well, dear friend, you do not walk alone...

As our faces differ, so have been our experiences in 2017. Some have been through the darkest of days/nights, the coldest of seasons. Some have been through storms where your life’s vessel has been battered and tossed about on a sea of confusion.

For some that Valley of darkness has thankfully passed, but for others, that darkness may have continued into 2018. Somebody may be sitting here this morning and facing something that perhaps nobody else can identify with. Nobody knows about.

Irrespective where you may find yourself this morning, may you find comfort in the three “assurances” highlighted in this sermon. Listen along by CLICKING HERE or via link below. God bless.

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