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SERMON: When the Well Runs Dry!

It’s not wrong to be anxious, worried or depressed.

Many servants of God in the Bible experienced depression at some point or another. Elijah was one such character. The lessons he learns in his dark season are nuggets that we can apply when our wells run dry!

In this sermon, I unpack Elijah’s experience of being depressed and anxious.

I wonder how many have been there!

  • You’ve had your moment on the mountain with God.

  • You’ve encountered answers to your prayers, you witnessed the hand of God moving mightily in your life.

  • Then you come down the mountain, and you are exposed to situations that instill in you fear and worry.

  • Not so long ago, you felt so filled with faith that you could move mountains, but then bang! You find yourself deflated, disillusioned and drained. All alone, under a tree, ready to die!

If the enemy of our souls cannot cannot get to us externally, he’ll get to us internally. When did Elijah’s greatest defeat come? Straight after his greatest victory on Mt Carmel.

It is not a sin to be discouraged. It is not a sin to be depressed. It’s what you do when you are discouraged, depressed and feeling hopeless that matters.

Could I encourage you, don’t stay in your cave all the time. - Don’t fight the battle alone. - Get whatever help you need.

God bless.


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