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SERMON: “Working in the Father’s Paddock” (1 Corinthians 3:1-9)

Whoever you are, you have something important to bring to the table...

In the young church at Corinth, division was arising because believers were playing the “my-pastor-is-better-than-you” game. In this sermon, we see how Paul addresses this infantile behaviour. I emphasise the fact that gone are the days, when we look down our noses at other Christian denominations, or or they look down on us simply because they may be sowing the seed a little differently. If the same Lord is being worked for, if it’s the same Father’s paddock, if it’s the full Gospel that’s being preached, then we are all working toward the same goal, His Glory; His Kingdom. God bless you as you listen along. Listen HERE or via link below.

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