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The End of a Year Like No Other

On the eve of a new year, I think of a world in pain right now. Family and friends are falling at the random swing of COVID’s scythe.

“Happy” in “Happy New Year” seems misplaced (just as ‘Merry’ did in ‘Merry Christmas’ last week) when there is so much heartache and sadness.

However, Dear Friends, we cannot BUT wish you a Happy 2021; we cannot BUT pray that it will be a year filled with blessing for you and yours.

The year gone by has been a challenging one, a year like no other - it would be asinine to deny it and portray it to be something that it was not. In its wake is heartache and hurt, but never hopelessness.

If we don’t have hope to hold onto, what do we have.

  • Hope for a better tomorrow;

  • hope for a healthy recovery for sick loved ones;

  • hope for a better 2021.

Friend as we step into the new year, it’s not going to be in the manner of years gone by. The light of fireworks for many will be replaced by the lights of candles lit in prayer for the sick and the dying. The loud house party music, in many homes this New Year’s Eve will be replaced, at the very most, by tunes of sobriety and sombreness; at the very least- total silence; solitude; solicitude.

Some are finding yourselves in countries where COVID is ‘under control’; others are in hotspots where it is uncertain when and where this ‘2020 monster’ will rear its ugly head.

So, while it does not roll off our tongues as easily as it did 365 days ago, Friends - we say it as well-intentioned and purely-motivated as we did then - A HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS. May your 2021 be filled with peace amidst every and any circumstance; may it be covered in grace, mercy and love; above all, may it be infused with hope; hope that whatever you and your dear family is facing today, tomorrow will be a better day, tomorrow the sun will shine again.

Friend, wherever in the world you are tonight, as the clock strikes 12, may you walk in hope, stand in hope, live in hope.

Hope does not disappoint.

Love and blessings from the George’s.

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