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SERMON: The Father Heart of God

The God of the Bible has chosen to reveal Himself to us as Father. Throughout the Scriptures we find references, both explicit and implicit, to the Father heart of God.

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Father's Day invokes different feelings for different people.

  • For some it causes happiness: we remember with fondness our earthly dads.

  • For some it causes some pain, because experiences with earthly fathers may not have been all that pleasant;

  • For those who are dads, sometimes it causes feelings of guilt – when we think of those areas we may have unintentionally failed or fallen short.

In this sermon, we unpack some aspects of the Heart of the perfect Father, our Heavenly Father. As we do so, I pray that this serves not merely as a reminder of what you already know, but instead that it creates in you a deeper desire to be drawn so close to the Father that you are attuned to His very heartbeat.

God bless you as you listen!

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