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The Journey of Life (Tomorrow Will Be Better)

The road of life is an unknown one,

The journey’s course never fully revealed;

Around the next bend, lies who knows what,

Obstacles, potholes, the like, often concealed.

At times, one’s traveling companion is loneliness,

Hurt and heartache one’s journey mates;

Tears often fall and blur one’s sight,

Disappointment. disilluisinmmnent around the next bend waits.

This was not how the journey was supposed to unfold,

Certainly not where the road was to lead;

Dream and ambition that co-existed at the start,

Now replaced by dryness, dearth and need.

But onward journey I must; cannot give up now,

Hope cannot be allowed to wither and die;

Mounted upon the currents of grace and peace,

Higher, stronger soar; further fly.

Tomorrow will be better, I must believe,

Around the next corner, will be joy complete;

For now, I’ll keep plodding, eyes straight ahead,

Till sighing’s replaced by laughter, and bitter once more by sweet.

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