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The Sun Has Set

Charlene Toh Ekpeyo (nee George) - :13/01/1968 - 27/05/2020

The sun has set, but O so soon,

Farewell should’nt have been at this time;

Old age, senior years, one day, years to come,

Not now when life sees you in your prime.

The setting of that Wednesday’s sun,

Who knew it would be your sunset last;

The closing of that busy day, nightfall;

Unknowingly bringing nightfall to your past.

The sun has set; sadness, sickness no more

Tears wiped away, no perplexity nor pain;

Heartache, hurting, helplessness dissolved,

You’re gone; our loss, Heaven’s gain.

The sun has set; your day has closed,

A new dawn breaks beyond;

Earthly ties severed; toils e’er ended,

Left behind are memories fond.

The sun has set on secret tears shed;

Jesus knows them; He’s kept a count;

They no longer matter, for not another will fall,

As you drink evermore from joy’s fount.

The sun has set, dusk’s shadows set in,

Your narrative echoing through our hearts;

Mem’ries light breaks through our dark pain,

Your day’s labour over; eternal rest starts

(A Poem by Wayne George on the occasion of my Sister, Charlene's funeral service)

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