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There Was Something About the Graveclothes

Resurrection Sunday 2020! A VERY DIFFERENT one indeed! The world is in LOCKDOWN at the moment.

Very different for Pastors who will not be preaching in jam packed church buildings. Very different for holiday-makers who will not be going to the beaches. Very different in so many ways. BUT with all the differences on this Easter Sunday, ONE THING REMAINS ABSOLUTELY THE SAME! That ONE THING is the glorious message that Mary, John, Peter and others heard that first Easter Sunday- “HE IS NOT HERE! HE IS RISEN!” In this short sermon, Pastor Wayne George shares how the Tomb stone and the Grave-Clothes bore testimony to the resurrection of Christ! The world today may be in LOCKDOWN MODE, MOVEMENTS RESTRICTED & RESTRAINED, but PRAISE BE TO GOD, the message conveyed by the EASTER MESSAGE - HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED! - is one that SETS US FREE! He whom the Son sets free is FREE INDEED! BECAUSE HE LIVES YOU CAN LIVE ALSO! God bless you.

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