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When you Just Don't Know!

Dear Friend, are you having trouble believing Romans 8:28 that God is working in all things? Are you in a place where you “just don’t know”?!

Are you in a place where you “just don’t know”?! The reality is there’s nothing good about innocent people dying – it’s a horrible thing. There’s nothing good about loved ones being sick – sickness and disease is ugly! Is Paul saying, “Whatever happens is good"? No. Is he saying that suffering and evil and tragedy are good? No. Is he saying everything will work out if we just have enough faith? No. Is he saying that we will understand why God allowed tragedy to come? No. The Bible here is not asking us to pretend that tragedy isn’t tragedy or to pretend that our pain isn’t real. But what we are being reminded of is that God is with us in the tragedy, in the pain, and he is actively at work in the situation. God bless. WG

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