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Who Is This Man

Updated: Jan 29, 2018


Who is this man, who can he be;

This one who all adore;

“Praise” they sing; “Hosanna’s” ring

Palm branches and garments strewn before

Surely he’s a king, a saviour, a nobleman

A man of great esteem, a lord

For surely no peasant, no pauper no poor-man

Would anyone this adulation afford

No, he’s no mere king, he is the KING

LORD and SAVIOUR supreme

Today revered, tomorrow reviled

No song, no praise, no esteem

So, who is this man, who can he be?

Is he known, or still a stranger to you

Friend, He is Christ; Jesus is his name

Here to do what no other can do

Do you know him as Saviour, as Lord, as King?

Do you know him as faithful Friend?

If not, then today you most certainly can,

And experience a Love that knows no end.

                                             © 2017 – Wayne George

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