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Christian, Who Are You?

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! (1 John 3:1)

What is your identity? Who are you? Now before you blurt out your name, stop for a second! Focus on your spiritual standing as a believer in Christ, presuming you are one (if not, please feel free to make contact and find out how you can become one!)

Someone may be persuaded to answer as follows:

  • "I am a Christian!"

  • "I am a follower of Jesus!"

  • "I am a disciple of Christ!"

These are all wonderful answers, but none of them adequately (or correctly, for that matter) answers the question: "Who are you?"

The question "Who are you" is one of identity, and not of title. Superseding your "title" as a "Christian", "Disciple", "Born-again believer",etc is your identity! Your identity is that you are firstly and foremostly a CHILD OF GOD.

Pause for a moment and think about it:

  • God, The Father Almighty. Creator of Heaven and Earth, the One who spoke the universe into existence - that God!

  • God, Who parted the Red Sea so that His children could pass through on dry ground- that God!

  • The God, Who the Prophet Isaiah says he saw “High and lifted up, the train of His robe filled the temple- that God!

He calls you His child! The word calls is an interesting one. The Greek word used here is kaleo ( καλέω), which when translated = To give a name to! To give an identity to!

One’s name/identity is important in the natural because it plugs you into a bigger picture. It weaves you into a tapestry of familial lineage/genealogy. It gives a sense of belonging! It is important in the spiritual, because as a child of God you are part of His family, with Him as your Father! What a thought.

Christian friend, maybe you need to be reminded that wherever you find yourself today, along the journey of life and faith – you have an identity that transcends/goes beyond any earthly name/identity! That identity is given, not by a fallible man, who does not always live up to His promises (Numbers 23:19) or who has the potential to hurt you, but by a loving Heavenly Father Who has called you by name (Isaiah 43:1); the God Who gave His own son over to death, in order to redeem you, and in Whom you have an identity this morning.


Thank you Dear God for making me your child

For calling me as one of your own

Help me to live from that place of sonship

Not believing the lie that I am all alone.

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