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THE ANGEL GABRIEL (Advent - Day 1)

TEXT: “You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus” (Luke 1:31).

CONTEXT: Luke 1:26-38

Breaking news! We all love a good story, don’t we – whether it’s the newsflash across our television screens or in the newsfeed on our FaceBook pages. When one is presented with life changing news – on a personal front or national one – there is often an accompaniment of mixed emotions. Sheer joy and elation, perhaps, while simultaneously a sense of fear and reservation of the uncertainty attached to the news. Well, the news shared by Gabriel on this occasion was certainly life changing, not only for Mary and Joseph, but indeed for the world. The landscape of humankind’s spiritual condition and eternal future would be forever changed by this angelic announcement. This news elicited the usual emotions from Mary, however, what an assurance, what a delight, knowing that despite her unworthiness, she had been singled out by Heaven to be the carrier of this boy-child, Jesus, the Son of the Most High!

Pause and reflect:

· How grateful are you for this announcement first made by Gabriel?

· What does it mean for you today?


Father as we commence this journey,

In light of Gabriel’s message given

Guide me, lead me, and change me within

Always to you and your love driven

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