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We Need You Lord

We Need You, Lord

We need you, Lord, in our day to day,

Ev’ry second, Ev’ry minute, Ev'ry hour;

Things that were wholesome have become rancid,

Your world once sweet, now sour.

We need you, Lord, in this darkening time,

Light of day passing, night draws near;

Shadows are cast, storm clouds brew,

Hearts once like lions, now failing in fear.

We need you, Lord, as the seasons change,

Heat of Summer, replaced by Winter’s frost;

Warmth of your love, Hope’s comfort grant,

Withdraw not your grace, or all will be lost.

We need you, Lord, as time’s tides change,

Humankind’s humaneness ebb and flow,

Hatred, harm, bitterness prevail,

O, your renewal of righteousness, to know.

Hear our prayer, our petition, our cry,

To our weeping whisper, bend your ear;

We need you, Lord, more than e’er before,

Console the contrite, wipe away every tear.

Wayne George-2023

(Copyright 2023- Wayne George. All rights reserved)

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