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Who Understands? (Jesus Does)

Hurt, heartache, perplexity, pain

Jesus understands them all;

Man of sorrow, acquainted with grief,

Himself drank from the cup of bitter gall.

Friend, be assured you stand not alone,

In those deep, dark depths you sojourn;

Lonely, but not alone in the valley,

Where the scorching searing threatens to burn.

Your load is weighty, wearing and hard,

One step more seems an impossibility;

The end goal is an elusive mirage,

Dreams fading, never reality.

Take heart, weary soul, alone you are not,

The Saviour this pathway has tread;

The desert of dearth is familiar to him,

Solitude, sorrow and sadness too became his bread.

Jesus knows your every sorrow,

Your pain, perplexity perfectly comprehends;

He's holding onto you, tho all hope seems gone,

Close to his heart, a love that never ends.


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1 comentario

Reminds me of a quote I saw : the first Easter gives us a life that never ends and a love that never dies:) loved the last paragraph

Me gusta
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