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Young Man, Old Man, Thank you! (A Remembrance Day Reflection)

Young man, thank you for your sacrifice,

Your youth exchanged for a gun;

Fighting, defending the frontlines so fierce,

Comforts forgotten in the searing sun.

Old man, thank you for your sacrifice,

The years of service experience taking their toll;

Sleepless nights, nights of terror relived,

As you, through pages of your memory scroll.

Wife, mother, family, thanks for sacrifices too,

Pushing through perplexity, pain;

Questions left unanswered, unsaid,

Recurring reverberation: “Will we see him again”.

Earth has no adequate reward,

No recompense that’s near enough;

But God has seen every tear that fell

He knows the journey has been tough.

So young man, old man, families too;

Generations past, present and not yet

Thank you for your sacrifices made,

We declare:”Lest we forget!”

© 2018 – Pastor Wayne George

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