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Another Month Has Passed

Another month has passed dear Mom,

Since you attained your heavenly crown;

Four months since your life’s labour’s ended,

Since you laid your burdens down.

Time heals the heartache, they say

It will get better, just give it time;

We don’t know about that, at least not right now,

For your presence one continues to pine.

We know you’re in the very best place,

In the presence of the One you adore;

Singing His praises, offering Him your crown,

At peace and at rest evermore.

We’ll always remember, Dear Mamma, dear mom

Ever hold you close to our hearts;

Thanks yet again for the memories so precious,

Never will they from our minds depart.

We loved you in life, We love you in death,

None that can e’er alter;

Your legacy continues in the lives of your children,

As we through life’s seasons falter.

See you someday, Dear Mamma, Dear Mum;

In that land where the sun will ne’er set;

With tears wiped away, and pain ever gone,

No more worry, no more wane, no more fret!

Till then we’ll continue to remember,

Till then we’ll continue to strive;

To make our pilgrimage in this ol world below;

Till we too safe on that shore arrive.

(Love you Mamma, Mom, Ma from Wayne, Samantha, Liam, Ezekiel&Nathanael)

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