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Good Night Dear Mamma!

Good night Dear Mamma, Mamma my love,

Farewell for now; forever fare well;

You’ve run your race; finished your course,

The storms of suffering have met their quell.

The sun has set; your day has closed,

A new dawn breaks beyond;

Earthly ties severed; toils e’er ended,

Left behind are memories fond.

Heartache, hurt, tears for us left behind,

Long road ahead to work through the grief;

But for you loving mamma, mamma my love,

From your labour, load, lassitude eternal relief.

I don’t know the number of tears you shed;

But Jesus does; He’s kept a count;

They no longer matter, for not another will fall,

As you drink evermore from joy’s fount.

Sam, I and the boys could not be there,

When death’s shadows began to close;

We didn’t get to say or kiss you goodbye,

The tyranny of distance only heaven fully knows.

Though you no longer can hear this,

We appreciate all you’ve done thru the years;

For the words of comfort, courage and care,

For both the overt and covert tears.

I’ll never forget the times you went with less,

So that your children could have a little more;

Your many sacrifices made, often unknown,

So that we more blessings could “score”.

My sons’ daily prayers for Ma will change,

As you no longer need their intercession;

But time will never erase you from their hearts,

As they through life make their progression.

Good night dear Mamma, Mamma my love,

Forever rest in your Saviours arms;

Perfect peace, unending joy,

Away from life’s harassments and harms.

One day we’ll again meet; On that distant shore,

One day the broken circle will be whole;

Till then goodbye, Dear Mamma, Godspeed,

Rest in Jesus, Rest In Peace, Dear Soul.

(In memory of my precious Mum, Stephanie Francis George. 19/09/1944 - 18/07/2019.

forever in our hearts - Wayne, Samantha, Liam, Ezekiel&Nathanael)

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