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You Remain Papa in the Storm

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

You remain Papa in the storm, Abba, Daddy is your Name; Come fire, flood, drought or death, Father, you remain the same.

I look back on the road I travelled, Recall the valleys, hills and winding trail; In those moments of deep, dark despair, It felt like my strength would surely fail.

Through the gale, I’d hear you whisper my name, Through the tears, see your outstretched hand; In my moments of greatest weakness, Your greater grace I’d come to understand.

What tomorrow may bring, I’m oblivious to, What’s around the next bend, obvious only to you; The road, ever winding, treacherous at times, Navigating, without the full picture in view.

But I travel securely, soundly and sane, Ever resting in this truth of which I’m sure; That You remain Papa in the storm, Abba, Daddy - my Daddy, evermore.

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